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Official GNU Sather FTP Site

Here you will find the official GNU Sather distribution and software related to GNU Sather. For more information about GNU Sather go to http://www.gnu.org/software/sather

The primary GNU Sather FTP site is ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/sather. Please use a mirror site close to you.

Source Code

GNU Sather 1.2.1
The latest stable release of GNU Sather. To compile you will also need the source code for the Boehm Garbage Collector, which is no longer distributed with the Sather source code.
Boehm Garbage Collector 4.14
Run time memory manager. This is required for compiling Sather.
Sather contributions 990726
A collection of unrelated programs written in Sather. These can be used as examples.


Subdirectory containing Sather documentation. Currently it contains updated specification and tutorial.
Subdirectory containing additional information. Currently it contains information about CORBA bindings.


Subdirectory containing ready to install Debian packages. We hope to include these in the upcoming Debian 2.2 release. You will need:
libgc4 4.12-4.13alpha1-2
This library is included as part of Debian 2.1
libc6 2.1
This library will be part of Debian 2.2 and is currently catagorized under unstable. libc6 requires ldso 1.9.11-4.

Follow the below steps to install the Sather packages on a Debian 2.1 system. Note however, this might break existing programs on your system because you will be required to upgrade libc6 to 2.1. You should have the libc6 2.0 version available in the event you have to downgrade back to the stable version.
  1. Download the libgc4 4.12-4.13alpha1-2, libc6 2.1, and ldso 1.9.11-4 packages, and the Debian Sather packages to a local directory.
  2. Run a shell as root and cd to the directory where the downloaded packages are. In the root shell run the following commands.
    1. dpkg --install libgc4_4.12-4.13alpha1-2_i386.deb
    2. dpkg --install ldso_1.9.11-4.deb
    3. dpkg --install libc6_2.1.2-5.deb
    4. dpkg --install sather*
The 1.2.0 packages have a bug which causes the symbolic links under /usr/bin/{cs,bs} to be broken. A work around is to explicitly set the environment varible export SATHER_HOME=/usr/lib/Sather and explitly call /usr/lib/sather/Bin/cs.
RedHat RPM Sather package, created by Bruce Guenter. This package contains the now out of date beta version of Sather.
Contributed Distributions
Distributions for other other platforms are also available. The code changes necessary to compile for the Windows, MacOS, Java, and OS/2 platforms have not been integrated into the GNU Sather code base and hence are not part of the official GNU Sather distribution. If you would like to port and help maintain a platform please join GNU Sather development.

Send comments about the GNU Sather FTP site to <sather-ftp-maintainer@gnu.org> Send inquires and questions about Sather to <sather-help@gnu.org> Send inquires and questions about the FSF & GNU to <gnu@gnu.org>. Other ways to contact the FSF. Go to GNU's home page.
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