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[file] octave-1.1.1.tar.gz2500 KB  1995-02-2808:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0-2.0.1.patch.gz33 KB  1997-01-0708:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.1-2.0.2.patch.gz90 KB  1997-01-2808:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.2-2.0.3.patch.gz209 KB  1997-02-2108:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.3-2.0.4.patch.gz29 KB  1997-02-2108:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.4-2.0.5.patch.gz98 KB  1997-03-1008:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.5.tar.gz3236 KB  1997-03-1008:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.6-2.0.7.patch.gz5 KB  1997-06-0507:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.7-2.0.8.patch.gz42 KB  1997-06-2407:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.7.tar.gz3267 KB  1997-06-0507:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.8-2.0.9.patch.gz11 KB  1997-07-1507:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.8.tar.gz3291 KB  1997-06-2407:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.9.tar.gz3295 KB  1997-07-1507:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.10-2.0.11.patch.gz40 KB  1998-02-2608:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.10.tar.gz3537 KB  1998-02-1008:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.11-2.0.12.patch.gz242 KB  1998-05-0607:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.11.tar.gz3541 KB  1998-02-2608:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.12-2.0.13.patch.gz32 KB  1998-05-2607:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.12.tar.gz3357 KB  1998-05-0607:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.13-2.0.14.patch.gz458 KB  1999-04-2811:31:41 AM
[file] octave-2.0.13.tar.gz3355 KB  1998-05-2607:00:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.14-2.0.15.patch.gz97 KB  2000-01-1105:33:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.14.tar.gz3729 KB  1999-04-2811:30:44 AM
[file] octave-2.0.15-2.0.16.patch.gz15 KB  2000-01-3006:22:00 AM
[file] octave-2.0.16.tar.gz3751 KB  2000-01-3006:42:00 AM