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[file] Andrew-Toolkit.README1 KB  1993-04-1607:00:00 AM
[file] FreelyAvailableTexts5 KB  2000-06-0607:57:08 AM
[file] README1 KB  2000-06-0608:09:35 AM
[file] README.obst1 KB  2000-06-1207:36:24 AM
[file] TeX.README1 KB  1999-01-2804:07:54 AM
[file] X11.README1 KB  2002-04-2905:35:57 PM
[file] X11.README.~1~5 KB  1996-09-0507:00:00 AM
[dir] abuse/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:24 PM
[file] aegis.README2 KB  2002-04-2608:37:27 PM
[link] andrew-toolkit.README -> Andrew-Toolkit.README1 KB  2003-03-2205:57:24 PM
[file] apache.README1 KB  2002-04-2608:50:15 PM
[link] bsd-net2.README -> net2-bsd.README1 KB  2003-03-2205:57:24 PM
[file] btyacc.README1 KB  1999-07-1611:17:07 PM
[dir] capa/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:24 PM
[dir] chinese-fonts-truetype/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:25 PM
[file] cook.README2 KB  1997-11-1708:00:00 AM
[dir] cvs/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:28 PM
[file] cxref.README1 KB  2002-04-2609:33:02 PM
[dir] doschk/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:28 PM
[file] es.README1 KB  1994-03-0808:00:00 AM
[file] exim.README1 KB  2002-04-2609:42:28 PM
[file] f2c.README1 KB  2002-04-2609:45:15 PM
[dir] flex/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:28 PM
[file] flexfax.README1 KB  1995-05-0507:00:00 AM
[file] freedos.README1 KB  2002-04-2609:55:33 PM
[file] generic-NQS.README1 KB  2002-04-2610:08:13 PM
[file] geomview.README1 KB  2002-04-2610:12:49 PM
[file] gn.README1 KB  2002-04-2610:17:44 PM
[file] gnuplot.README1 KB  2002-04-2909:23:22 PM
[file] htdig.README1 KB  1999-08-1208:36:30 PM
[file] hylafax.README1 KB  1995-05-0507:00:00 AM
[dir] ispell/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:28 PM
[dir] jargon/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:28 PM
[file] jpeg.README1 KB  1999-11-1805:51:42 AM
[file] karma.README1 KB  1996-09-0507:00:00 AM
[file] lesstif.README1 KB  2002-04-2909:45:31 PM
[file] libpng.README1 KB  2002-07-0808:51:01 PM
[file] lynx.README1 KB  2000-05-0204:26:39 AM
[file] mandelspawn.README1 KB  2002-04-2908:30:24 PM
[dir] maxima/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:28 PM
[file] mesa.README1 KB  2002-04-2910:25:54 PM
[link] ms.README -> mandelspawn.README1 KB  2003-03-2205:57:29 PM
[file] mtools.README1 KB  2002-04-2909:02:38 PM
[file] mutt.README1 KB  2002-04-2908:33:27 PM
[file] net2-bsd.README1 KB  2002-04-2609:28:18 PM
[dir] nethack/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:29 PM
[file] nvi.README1 KB  2002-04-2910:02:53 PM
[file] oaklisp.README1 KB  2000-06-0611:53:59 AM
[dir] pcl/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:29 PM
[file] perl.README1 KB  2002-04-2908:55:52 PM
[file] prcs.README1 KB  2002-04-2908:49:37 PM
[file] rc.README1 KB  1994-03-0808:00:00 AM
[file] roxen.README1 KB  2002-04-2907:52:13 PM
[file] rsync.README1 KB  2002-04-2907:15:08 PM
[file] sane.README1 KB  2002-04-2907:09:40 PM
[file] saoimage.README1 KB  1999-07-2211:27:32 PM
[file] scheme.README1 KB  2002-04-2907:05:15 PM
[dir] slib-psd/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:29 PM
[dir] smail/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:29 PM
[file] sneps.README1 KB  2002-04-2906:32:22 PM
[file] stump.README1 KB  1999-07-0902:00:08 AM
[file] swarm.README1 KB  2002-04-2906:14:38 PM
[dir] talkfilters/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:29 PM
[link] tex.README -> TeX.README1 KB  2003-03-2205:57:29 PM
[file] tiff.README1 KB  2002-04-2906:06:36 PM
[dir] tile-forth/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:29 PM
[dir] ucblogo/5 KB  2003-03-2205:57:29 PM
[file] vm.README1 KB  2002-04-2905:51:42 PM
[file] vrweb.README1 KB  2002-04-2905:48:11 PM
[link] webstump.README -> stump.README1 KB  2003-03-2205:57:29 PM
[file] wn.README1 KB  1998-12-0201:27:00 AM
[link] x11.README -> X11.README1 KB  2003-03-2205:57:29 PM
[file] xdelta.README1 KB  2002-04-2905:25:47 PM
[file] xgrabsc.README1 KB  2002-04-2905:20:09 PM
[file] xmcd.README1 KB  2002-04-2904:22:43 PM
[file] xpm.README1 KB  2002-04-2904:14:59 PM
[file] ygl.README1 KB  2002-04-2903:49:13 PM
[file] zlib.README1 KB  2001-11-1410:44:40 PM