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[file] libg++-2.7.1.tar.gz1573 KB  1995-11-1508:00:00 AM
[file] libg++-2.7.2.tar.gz1603 KB  1996-07-0407:00:00 AM
[file] libg++-2.8.0-2.8.1.diff.gz6 KB  1998-03-1108:00:00 AM
[file] libg++-2.8.0.tar.gz2230 KB  1998-03-2308:00:00 AM
[file] libg++- KB  1998-04-1107:00:00 AM
[file] libg++- KB  1998-04-1107:00:00 AM
[file] libg++.README1 KB  1998-04-0308:00:00 AM
[file] ls-l1 KB  2002-10-0207:34:35 AM
[file] ls-l.asc1 KB  2002-10-0207:34:35 AM
[file] md5sum1 KB  2002-10-0207:34:36 AM
[file] md5sum.asc1 KB  2002-10-0207:34:36 AM
[file] sha1sum1 KB  2002-10-0207:34:36 AM
[file] sha1sum.asc1 KB  2002-10-0207:34:36 AM