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[file] kawa-1.6.1.tar.gz545 KB  1999-05-1311:03:55 PM
[file] kawa-1.6.60.tar.gz795 KB  1999-09-1505:21:34 AM
[file] kawa-1.6.66.tar.gz916 KB  2000-03-2209:14:01 AM
[file] kawa-1.6.98-src.zip1725 KB  2002-02-1610:48:15 PM
[file] kawa-1.6.98.jar1471 KB  2002-02-1610:38:59 PM
[file] kawa-1.6.98.tar.gz1343 KB  2002-02-1610:36:16 PM
[file] kawa-1.6.99-src.zip1934 KB  2002-06-1304:33:36 PM
[file] kawa-1.6.99.jar1317 KB  2002-06-1209:22:54 PM
[file] kawa-1.6.99.tar.gz1541 KB  2002-06-1209:24:53 PM
[file] kawa-1.7-src.zip2034 KB  2003-06-0706:28:10 AM
[file] kawa-1.7.jar1355 KB  2003-06-0706:25:37 AM
[file] kawa-1.7.tar.gz1645 KB  2003-06-0706:23:48 AM
[file] kawa-doc-1.6.98.tar.gz161 KB  2002-02-1610:36:48 PM
[file] kawa-doc-1.7.tar.gz175 KB  2003-06-0707:08:50 AM
[link] kawa-newest-compiled.jar -> kawa-1.7.jar1 KB  2003-06-0701:33:53 PM
[link] kawa-newest.tar.gz -> kawa-1.7.tar.gz1 KB  2003-06-0701:36:01 PM
[file] kawa_1.6.1.dsc1 KB  1999-05-1311:20:25 PM
[file] kawa_1.6.1_all.deb368 KB  1999-05-1311:20:35 PM