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[file] gawk-3.0.0-3.0.1-diffs.gz167 KB  1996-12-1308:00:00 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.1-3.0.2.diffs.gz31 KB  1996-12-2808:00:00 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.2-3.0.3.diffs.gz140 KB  1997-05-1607:00:00 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.2-doc.tar.gz867 KB  1996-12-2808:00:00 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.2.tar.gz934 KB  1996-12-2808:00:00 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.3-3.0.4.diffs.gz97 KB  1999-06-3004:48:18 PM
[file] gawk-3.0.3-doc.tar.gz351 KB  1997-05-1607:00:00 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.3-ps.tar.gz522 KB  1997-05-1607:00:00 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.3.tar.gz973 KB  1997-05-1607:00:00 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.4-3.0.5.diffs.gz132 KB  2000-06-2608:51:56 PM
[file] gawk-3.0.4-doc.tar.gz353 KB  1999-06-3004:48:26 PM
[file] gawk-3.0.4-ps.tar.gz579 KB  1999-06-3004:48:44 PM
[file] gawk-3.0.4.pre-3.0.4.diffs.gz2 KB  1999-06-3004:48:08 PM
[file] gawk-3.0.4.tar.gz1004 KB  1999-06-3004:49:05 PM
[file] gawk-3.0.5-3.0.6.diffs.gz14 KB  2000-08-0810:43:40 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.5-doc.tar.gz353 KB  2000-06-2608:52:11 PM
[file] gawk-3.0.5-ps.tar.gz591 KB  2000-06-2608:52:26 PM
[file] gawk-3.0.5.tar.gz1018 KB  2000-06-2608:52:42 PM
[file] gawk-3.0.6-doc.tar.gz355 KB  2000-08-0810:44:13 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.6-networking-diffs.gz13 KB  2000-08-1108:44:11 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.6-ps.tar.gz591 KB  2000-08-0810:44:54 AM
[file] gawk-3.0.6.tar.gz1023 KB  2000-08-0810:46:10 AM
[file] gawk-3.1.0-3.1.1-diff.gz617 KB  2002-05-0804:09:09 PM
[file] gawk-3.1.0-doc.tar.gz548 KB  2001-06-0310:38:00 AM
[file] gawk-3.1.0-ps.tar.gz940 KB  2001-06-0310:38:07 AM
[file] gawk-3.1.0.tar.gz1578 KB  2001-06-0310:38:15 AM
[file] gawk-3.1.1-3.1.2.diff.gz599 KB  2003-03-2310:46:59 PM
[file] gawk-3.1.1-doc.tar.gz577 KB  2002-05-0804:09:28 PM
[file] gawk-3.1.1-ps.tar.gz942 KB  2002-05-0804:09:43 PM
[file] gawk-3.1.1.tar.gz1832 KB  2002-05-0804:09:57 PM
[file] gawk-3.1.2-3.1.3.diff.gz390 KB  2003-07-0901:40:52 AM
[file] gawk-3.1.2-doc.tar.gz605 KB  2003-03-2310:47:41 PM
[file] gawk-3.1.2-ps.tar.gz963 KB  2003-03-2310:48:50 PM
[file] gawk-3.1.2.tar.bz21545 KB  2003-03-2310:50:39 PM
[file] gawk-3.1.2.tar.gz1957 KB  2003-03-2310:52:57 PM
[file] gawk-3.1.3-doc.tar.gz1126 KB  2003-07-0901:42:16 AM
[file] gawk-3.1.3-ps.tar.gz969 KB  2003-07-0901:43:28 AM
[file] gawk-3.1.3.tar.bz21596 KB  2003-07-0901:45:24 AM
[file] gawk-3.1.3.tar.gz2030 KB  2003-07-0901:47:48 AM
[file] gawk-doc-2.15.2.tar.gz195 KB  1993-05-2007:00:00 AM
[file] gawk-ps-2.15.2.tar.gz282 KB  1993-05-2007:00:00 AM